About Us

The motto of INSPIRE, TRAIN AND ACHIEVE is what we have been doing for the last 11 years and our efforts have not gone in vain. With more than 1000 trainees who have passed through our modules, many youngsters have gone on to achieve resounding success and many recreational adult trainees have won competitions too. IBAK has successfully conducted 12 coaching modules and results of hard works are beginning to tell with the IBAK juniors bagging many medals in GCC Junior Championship held in Bahrain and as well as in the GCC invitational Badminton tournament held in Kuwait. As part of the promoting the game we are introducing the game to our younger generation, we are conducting regular coaching modules. We presume you will make use of this wonderful opportunity and be part of the endeavor to promote badminton in a big way. Coaching is just a guideline to hone the inherent talents of the trainee. If training is done seriously, diligently and sincerely, the results will be definitely positive. One of the main requirements for any physical sport is fitness. The fitness can only be improved by dedicated training and pre game as well as post-game routines. The mental toughness required to prepare and execute during match play situations comes with regular training as well as improving powers of observation. The quick ability to read an opponent’s game and adapt quickly on court will make the difference between winning or losing in any game especially between equally matched competitors.