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This is certify that as on date of registration ........................................................................ has been confirmed by parent and has been found to be PHYSICALLY FIT to undergo the different activities of the IBAK coaching.

We are fully aware that the course fee paid for is non-tranferable and non-refundable for whatever reason, under any circumtance and the payment made by me calendar month (from first to last date of the month).

We have read and fully understood the Terms and Conditions.The validity of the lessons , "as well as the badminton coaching guidelines, and made an integral part hereof, and we agree to the terms and conditions herein and undertake to comply with them, as evidenced by our singnature herein -below.

Declaration from Parents / Guardian / Student:

I further represent and warrant that to the best of my knowledge and belief the student is physically able to participate in all coaching activities with my approval.

In permitting the student to take part in lessons, I am specifically granting my permission to IBAK Coaching to use the Student's Name, Pictures, Photos, Voice and Words in television, radio, film, newspaper, magazine and other media and form for the purposes and communication of IBAK Coaching during the tenure of the student and thereafter.

In the case of any medical emergency arising during any such activity at a time when I am not personally present to be consulted regarding the students care. I hereby authorize the IBAK coaching personnel on my behalf to take whatever measures are necessary to ensure that the student is provided with any emergency medical treatment including hospitalization, which they deem advisable in order to protect the student’s health and wellbeing of the student. If a non-emergency, medical situation should arise during the student’s participation during such activities at a time when I am not personally present to be consulted regarding the students care. I hereby, authorize IBAK Coaching personnel to act on my behalf and within the limits of their training and certification to provide the same non- prescription medication that I could be expected to provide if I were present. This is limited to basic first aid treatment.

I being the parent/guardian/student of hereby declare that I will not hold responsible the IBAK Coaching management, officials, directors, agents or employees for any loss/damages suffered on account of money/costs, action, person/personal belongings and any medical injuries/disease or accident during the duration of the said sports activity. This release is binding upon my guardians, heirs, my successors, assignees or me. I am fully knowledgeable as to the proper use of the facilities as well as my own physical limitations and I agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the Management of IBAK Coaching against any and all claims whatsoever through loss or damage to property.

I/we hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions above stated.


Terms & Conditions of Registration:

Fees shall be paid within first ten [7] days of every month. All fees that have been paid are nonrefundable.

Replacement classes can only be accommodated if the student informs the Coach In‐Charge or coaching committee in advance prior to being absent for training and shall be replaced on a subsequent training session the following month.

Students must abide all instructions by the coach in‐charge and the standard rules & regulations of the Badminton Hall. The Coaches nor the coaching committee or their respective staff members shall not in any way be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever incurred including any personal injury, damage or loss of personal belongings of the students participating in the training sessions and / or whilst being present at the Training Venues or any part thereof IBAK Coaching is not responsible for any belongings missed by the student / parent in the Court. IBAK Coaching reserves the right to exclude any person from lessons for a breach of these conditions or whom they consider unfit to Badminton, a danger to themselves or others or who are displaying abusive or disruptive behavior.

Only students registered for the course will be permitted on the play area or coaching area and no liability will attach to the IBAK Coaching for incidents, which occur becauseof breach of terms & conditions.

Documents Required during Registration:

1. Two recent passport size photographs.
2. Student passport copy with resident visa page.
3. Civil ID copy.

Instruction to students:

1. Student should wear appropriate jersy.
2. All known illnesses and allergies of the student must be declared on the registration form.
3. Jewellery and watches NOT to be worn while attending coaching sessions.
4. Parents are NOT allowed to communicate with the coaches during the class hours.

Signature of the parent :..................................
Date :..................................